Consulting Services

Consulting and Education

Our Consultant Pharmacists have years of experience and in-depth knowledge. They provide:

  • Quality medication regimen reviews
  • Attendance at QAPI meetings
  • Work with your staff on policy development
  • Prevention and reporting of medication errors
  • Provide oversight and advice on controlled substance procedures
  • Assist in defining proper medication administration and scheduling
  • Provide oversight and instruction on regulatory issues
  • Attendance at other meetings as requested
  • Admission medication review
  • Provide in-service education on medications and new drug therapy

Our Consultant Pharmacists are members of American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and thus are experts in geriatric medication therapy.

Staff Education

In addition, we have

  • Pre-survey education and follow-up by our consultant pharmacists and nursing team.
  • Education on proper medication use
  • Resources to assist in formulary substitutions to limit out-of-pocket costs.
  • Disease state management approaches
  • Nurses available to provide education on proper storage and med pass procedures
  • Vaccination clinics
  • Medication pass observation
  • Integration with most EMARs and our technicians are able to help support their use as well.

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